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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 7 - NZ

Mikey says...
Actually woke up with a bit of energy today. Went back up to Cardies and I took it nice and easy down the slopes. Boarded a trail called Skyline. Will have to remember to take my R34 down there when I get it, I'm sure they won't mind.

We left early and I started watching some quality TV. WWF wrestling to be precise. Out of about 1 hrs viewing I counted about 10 mins of actual wrestling, the rest was typical amercian commercialism.

Been reading my Harry Potter book and I have to say to J. K. Rowling; Why do you kill off everyone close to Harry who's not a main character! You even killed his pet owl! You know what I think? JK is actually voldemort and Harry's only chance to win is to destroy JK's quill.

It was my last day on the slopes today. Doing the tourist thing tomorrow and going shopping.

Oh and I found a NZ chic! She is a bit butch, but her hair is beautiful! Favourite feature - stubble.

Mikey picked up!

Lessons Learnt
  • Wait and the right transvestite will come your way
Mikey Out

Cookie says...
Thanks, Mikey but for the record, the only tranny I know is what's found in your car!

Anyway, tougher day at Cardies today. Overcast for the first half and icier conditions made for hard work. Bumped into the Kenmore crew again after a few hours and hung with them. Ended up taking Tim and Scott back to QT with us.

Afterwards we played some pool while waiting for the cleaner to look after our room... this is the life... Pilty, you'd appreciate having slaves to do your work ; )

Waiting for your room to be cleaned is tough

Mikey pretending to look the part

Lazed around the unit for a few hours. One of the stations had some WWF crap on TV. I can't believe that people actually find this rubbish interesting and entertaining. Sorry, I can understand that Americans would but any other sensible people out there would know it's not worth watching but just like almost all of their other sports, it's 95% talk and 5% substance... except in this case the 5% are the adverts.

Didn't see the Kenmore gang last night in the end as they were too tired. We grabed some take away Winnie's pizza and had it in the unit.

This is how grocery stores should be!

Lessons Learnt
  • Top Gear is funny and all but when you're tired, you're tired and you won't care if Captain Slow is dishing out a good bollocking to Clarkson or the Hamster

  • I was never any good at waking in the morning and it's not easier being exhausted from a day on the slopes

  • When snowboarding, you get bruises in places you'd never expect or could explain

  • New Zealand should move on from the Lord of the Rings fame and fortune, 8 hrs of time in an internet cafe playing the theme music gets on your nerves!!!

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  1. OHNO! You ruined the book for me!
    Good to see you've picked up a native...hey wait, no, they are sheep! Where are the sheep?!?