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Monday, August 20, 2007

Day 1 - NZ

Mikey and Cookie say...
Well me and Cookie, sorry Cookie and I (using proper english since that's what they speak here) are just chillin' at an internet cafe setting up this blog.

So you may ask how's it going so far?

I'll let my eloquent friend take over here to report our progress...

Yup. We made it... just... customs was really busy so we were the second last people to board, which is completely unlike Mikey and I in terms of punctionality. Mikey also had the privilage of being searched for explosives by a 130 odd kilo Maori and this was while he was still in Brisbane... unlucky...

Mikey and I halfway to NZ.

So yeah, nothing special so far apart from us starting this blog.

Lessons Learnt
  • The Japanese cannot even go grocery shopping without video documentation

  • Check fly before leaving unit (Mikey assures me it was breezy, but comfortable)

We're off for some shut-eye, first day of boarding tomorrow.

Cookie and Mikey Out


  1. Hey guyz

    Glad to hear you made it safely

    This blog thing is a really great idea!

    Good luck with the Japanese you encouter during your travells!

    Can't wait to see some photos!

    And stay away from the snow monsters.......(um funny NOOOOT)

    will without a doubt be jealous of you both for the next few days.....

    take care......dont forget to bring me home something special...even if it is a stolen asian


  2. hi Cookie and Mickey

    hey i just wanted 2 warn u 2 about yellow snow, the Yettie and sus looking sheep. thats all

    c yaz round like donuts

    P.S. don't 4get 2 send us some scenic post cards.

  3. jonny said it all...

    Although I have to say I miss you both :'(

    Looking forward to the photos

  4. Hey, Jonno... saw some dude making yellow snow yesterday. Surfice to say, I steered clear!