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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 4 - NZ

Mikey says...
You'll be happy to know that I'm no longer harrassing the kids (when I say kids most of those on the kiddie slopes are older than me and most of the kids are on the trail runs). Went on the slopes all day today and have multiple bruises and a sore head to prove it. Then tried to take an action photo of Cookie going over a jump. I'll let you decide how i've done by the photo we post.

Then we nicked off early and went for a ride on the TSS Earnslaw.

Mental note: Don't stand under the horn.

Then we met up with Gus and Claire (friends of Cookie) and went to a place called Winnies. Good food and I got to watch some union while we waited for a table. Then we went some fancy schmancy chocolate dessert place but I was too cheap to by anything. $2 for a mint biscuit! I could buy a whole packet for that much!

We tried to make it to a seminar on at the hotel but we were a bit late.

Lesssons Learnt
  • Steam boat horns are really loud

  • Don't stand near steam boat horns

  • If you want to get out of taking photos, take bad ones or at least better ones of people other than the person you're supposed to photograph

Mikey Out

Cookie says...
Well, for me I spent the day on one run with a jump so I can get comfortable with time in the air. Seemed everyone wanted to do the same as you had to queue for a bit at times. Another bluebird day which made it a winner.

Thought I'd try and get one photo of this jump. It isn't a particularily big jump but it was fun. So... enter Mikey. Deadset... 100+ photos of everyone else which looked great but do you think he could get a decent one of me? So I hiked up the hill a good 20 times for this...

Mikey's attempt at photography

We left the Remarks and headed for a boat trip. Thought I'd capture it as time-lapse so you can all view the quick version when we return. Bumped into Adrian again (Melbourne dude from my last post) and organised to take him up the hill the next day as his crew had grown fluffy slippers and decided they wouldn't hit the snow the next day.

Captain Cook sails the high seas again!

For dinner we headed to Winnies with Gus and Claire for beer and pizza. The novelty of this place is that the roof literally opens and is therefore one of the must see sights in QT. Their pizzas are also a must. Mikey liked the pizza so much that he tried licking the plate clean... front and back! The resulting splinters were easily removed due to the amount of alcohol consumed.

Splinters stuck the wooden plate to his tongue!

Lessons Learnt
  • Mikey is not a photographer

  • Landing with more backfoot will ensure you stack your landing and provide amusement to onlookers

  • Mikey is not a photographer!

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