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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 33 - DE

Cookie says...
So much for a cruisy stay in Freiburg. Today we stepped back into France to visit Strasburg. We walked about Petite France, some of the old town and were gobsmacked by the size of the munster there. After lunch we autobahned it back to Freiburg.

The plan had to be to get to another town as we were after a Black Forest clock but time was short so we strolled around Freiburg and found one there instead. You need to be careful when walking the place as there's mini canals along side all the kerbs which were installed centuries ago to assist with fighting fires. If they existing in Australia, they'd by painted yellow with railings all around them.

We spoiled ourselves for dinner tonight by eating at a joint that the Michelin Man recommends. I know why he's the shape of Mark 'Tubby' Taylor with a few too many spare tires. The wine was matched to the food, it was seriously good tucker (including several things I've never eaten before), we had a plethora of cutlery to use incorrectly and several people seeing to our needs. It was pretty clear we were eating with people from a few classes above us but it was fantastic.

Home time where we packed to for the final leg of the trip.

Julie says...
After finding out there was a Michelin Star restaurant in Freibug, we decided it would be a nice ending to our trip, and worth the money we'd saved sharing bedrooms with snoring friends and eating ham sandwhiches from bakeries in France.

So, here is a description of how our evening went, as Cookie's knowledge of fine dining etiquette was lacking:
1. Cookie has no real idea what 'Michelin' stars in restaurant circles mean, so he googled it before we left for dinner (I could tell this was going to be a classy night)
3. After 5 mins of staring at the 4 different menus we'd been given each, we went with a 'pre-set' seasonal menu with matching wine, as Cookie's decision-making processes meant we would have been there until midnight trying to decided between the 15 different choices of starters.
4. Cookie tried to tell me you are supposed to eat the bite-sized "pre-hous d'ouvers" hous d'ouvers with cutlery.
5. Cookie came across two different types of cutlery he didn't know existed and didn't know how to use properly
6. Cookie told the waitress (who spoke limited English) that he was about to ask a stupid question, and then proceeded to ask his stupid question about where the 'truffles' were on the plate, to which she replied that they were in there somewhere (because she didn't know what he was asking).
7. Is an 8-course dinner too much? According to Cookie it isn't... but then each portion was 'supermodel on a diet' tiny, so I guess it doesnt' matter.

Overall the dinner was really lovely, and the matched wine was beautiful. I would happily go there again, but I would make Cookie research how to use fancy cutlery first, so that he didn't look so hilarious each time they put a new piece in front of him and he didn't know what to do with it.

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