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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 27 - CH

Cookie says...
We moved from Luzern to Zurich today which is about 30 mins up the road but we went on a bit of a Cook's Tour as we had a mission to conduct. We had a chance to visit another country, well, actually it's a principality, so we took it. We made tracks for Vaduz which is the capital of Liechtenstein where we did the typical tourist thing of getting our passport stamped, a couple of souvenirs and sent a postcard.

A few hours later and we'd checked into the hotel in Zurich and were pounding the pavement around the old town. Because Pilty had left, the weather had mostly been miserable and today was no exception. We'd copped rain, wind, sleet, lightning and after walking around the town tonight, we'd even copped ice. After a hearty Swiss meal, we headed back to base.

Julie says...
In the movie "A Knight's Tale", Heath Ledger invents the story that he comes from Liechtenstein. I always just assumed that Hollywood made that place up but today I got to visit Liechtenstein. It was tiny, rainy, pretty well deserted and looked to consist of a giant mountain range and not much else. But I now have a passport stamp to show for my visit and the customary deck of cards with Liechtenstein's only castle on the back (because our household needs more decks of cards...).

Zurich is wet and miserable and reminds me a little of Geneva (un-inspirational). But the Swiss meal was brilliant and hopefully tomorrow the weather will improve.

On a side note, after 27 days on the road I believe the pillows in this hotel are the worst yet. You'd think merchant Swiss bankers with 7-figure salaries could provide better pillows... but maybe they're spending all their money on the watches worth 20,000 Swiss Franks displayed in every shop window here.

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