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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 32 - DE

Cookie says...
There were a few sights we identified of interest however after driving through some wonderful Black Forest roads in the clouds surrounded by snow laden trees, we discovered that the first two were closed. We're not sure how a waterfall can be closed but it was. Oh well, it's probably a good thing as it helped with time.

The third stop was Burg Hohenzollern, which is a royal castle for the ruling family from Prussia. They weren't horribly original in their names as they only ever used two (Fredrick and William). We ended up on a tour of castle interior with a pair of Kiwi's (have I mentioned that it's hard coping with the numbers during this time of year?) and they were a touch odd. Quite into history and all that and I think Julz is glad that I'm not as into things as much as them.

Bit of a trip home in the dark with a combination of autobahn speeds and tight roads at times (even hairpins). We ended up having pizza (for a trip that didn't hit Italy, we've eaten a lot of pizza) and chocolate mousse from a supermarket which was surprising good.

Julie says...
Driving through snow-laden hills and forests was nice. The scenery over here is brilliant, even if it has been foggy at time and rained a lot. I know it would be beautiful here in summer, but then you'd get crowds of people ruining the peace and quiet.

Again we were off to visit castles... yay. The 217 steps up the hill to the Prussian place was painful, considering the number of layers I am wearing and how unfit I am at the moment :( And why do Prussian royalty need a castle in the Black Forest anyway... I thought we were in Germany? I'll have to go home and google Prussia, as my European history and geography knowledge is severely lacking.

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