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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 30 - DE

Cookie says...
Gavin took us on a walking tour around Munich. We managed to bump into Rachel Smith of AECOM fame who has been involved with a cycle program over here.

We gave mulled wine another chance (we really aren't fans) and then went to another beer house for lunch. Afterwards we walked through the Munich Residence (where the Bavarian royal family lived) for an hour or so (it's not exactly small).

We found a cafe, bludged back at our place and then dropped them off at the airport to head back to England.

Julie says...
The carillon at the "new" town hall was underwhelming but the antiquarium in the Residences is worth a look. However, my highlight for the day was seeing blue sky at 4.30pm, even if it was devoured by nightfall 30 mins later.

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