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Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 28 - CH

Cookie says...
I had hopes of catching up with The Martin's today however the planets didn't align. They're a couple I knew from my time at Arana Hills COC and have been living over this side of the world for a few years now and presently live in Zurich. Instead we checked out the National Swiss Museum which (as expected) has a good display on the history of their country.

We did a whole lot of walking to burn off the bread we keep eating (Swiss bread is ze best), walked up and down a church spire, sorted out our train seats to Stuttgart and headed out for Italian.

We ended up in a Starbucks so I could update the blog while Julz read my Christmas present (A Game of Thrones).

Julie says...
The weather improved for us today (it didn't rain), but I still think Zurich is similar to Geneva.. really not that interesting. It was good to read up on Swiss history (I really knew nothing about it before), but I'd had enough of the museum when we got to the endless rooms of "house furnishings and lounge room designs from the 1940's to the 1990's in Switzerland" section.

The afternoon was good, as I got to read more of my book :)

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