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Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 24 - CH

Cookie says...
I have two words to describe Geneva today - wet and miserable. Regardless, we went exploring. The former United Nations headquarters was still closed so we looked at it from the outside. It seems that tourists aren't the only ones who don't find these things out until it's too late as there was a protest going on outside the front gates.

Next stop was the Reformation Wall and then the cathedral.

The Jet d'Eau was running but it's hard to discern white spray on a background of light grey sky.

We walked through the shopping district (it seems all European city centres are built around shops and souvineers). We even saw a dress for CHF 11,000 (Switzerland is expensive and Geneva moreso). Most places cost a first born to eat at and we can only imagine that everyone must be bankers. We gave up on the weather and headed back to the 'mansion'.

We snuck out for dinner, played some two player 500 (not as fun as four players but still playable) and it was game over for the day.

Julie says...
Today was kinda boring...
It rained, Geneva was closed, and really not that interesting anyway.
I don't earn enough money to even go window shopping in this town.

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