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Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 31 - DE

Cookie says...
Pretty simple day today. It was basically all driving. As we left Munich, we wanted to stop by Dachau even though we knew that the concentration camp memorial was closed. We walked around the outside of some of the site and read some of the information boards before getting back on the road. Quite like these autobahns but I'd love to put the Magna through it's paces on them.

Next stop Freiburg. Several hours, a few pitstops and a coupla autobahns with crazy drivers later, we'd arrived in the Black Forest. Once again Julz has picked a place in some obscure location (this is dragging up memories of our stay "in" Salzburg) however it could be another winner. We managed to check in but tried and failed at finding a laundry, had dinner and headed back to the B&B.

Julie says...
Today Cookie got to 'legally' drive at 160kms per hour down the autobahn. He looked quite pleased with himself, even if we were overtaken by every Audi, Mercedes and BMW driver (some must have been doing at least 180kms). I'm suprised our tiny Opel Corsa (similar to a four-door Holden Barina) didn't fall apart at that speed.

And yes, I have managed to book us into a B&B in the middle of absolutely nowhere... again... But as per the 'Salzburg' experience of 2008, the place is an absolute gem, the hosts are lovely, the views are spectacular, and it is definately worth the 20mins drive from town. Cookie, you should just learn to trust my instincts when it comes to booking accommodation!

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