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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 23 - CH

Cookie says...
Sadly, it was time to leave Chamonix. Bronwen was staying the last night there while Pilty and Sarah joined us on the bus back to Geneva. They had a few hours of waiting until their flights so we headed in search of our hostel. We found it easily enough and not far from the train station however it isn't a very big room. In fact, the Hamburg to Paris train trip had marginally less space. Anyway, it's dry and warm so it will be fine.

After settling in, we took a stroll around Lake Geneva and discovered that the massive fountain stops running at four in the afternoon, minutes before I'm about to setup and take some photos of it.

As it was dinner time we headed back into CBD however apparently Geneva resembles Adelaide on Sunday and being New Years Day, it made it even harder to find something open. Fortunately a crepe joint beneath our hostel came to the rescue. Once back in the room we broke out Ticket to Ride, did some reading and hit the hay.

Julie says...
Seeing as how nothing much happened today (a typical travel day), I thought I would take this moment to give some advice to any travellers wishing to follow in our footsteps and explore Europe on a budget by using hostel/cheap hotel accommodation:

1. As European pillows are the thickness of cardboard even when doubled-over and wedged against the headboard, ensure you pack a coat you are happy to roll up and use as neck support.

2. The lake that develops at your feet during shower-time is normal - the Eurpoeans have not figured out that the size of the drain needs to be in proportion to the amount of water coming from the shower-head.

3. Don't ever expect a top sheet on your bed. Instead expect an over-heated room with a heavy doonah, so that you spend the entire night getting too hot and throwing a leg out the side of the bed.

4. When a towel is advertised as being included, expect to be drying yourself with something the size of a facewasher.

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