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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 7 - CA

Two words:

Pow - Der!

Dave from NZ has on occasion said how he's boarded on days that were 'all time', well... after today I believe I've now experienced the definition of 'all time'. The report said 15cm had fallen overnight and the end result was something beyond amazing.

The crew as we were leaving for Symphony

When we were leaving this morning, they were still bombing some of the slopes by the time we made it halfway up the hill. Initially we hung around Emerald (Whistler) for a coupla runs but as soon as Harmony opened, it was like rats leaving a sinking ship. Once there we were greated with a winter wonderland for the rider. Bowls, drop ins, long slopes, open runs... the choice was yours, there were fresh tracks a plenty to be made and at times we were up to our waist in snow!

View from the base of Harmony lift

We dropped into a bowl off a face I'd never thought I'd try and it was brilliant. Riding down groomed runs is fun but floating through real powder is just amazing. Even on our last run we made fresh tracks albiet short but on that run I actually had snow being thrown up around my face, it was incredible.

Cam after a day of powder and a face full of cold snow

I'm actually standing on my board!

The crew also had some fun with someone's lost phone
which is being returned tomorrow

Nicole will be happy, I wrote this blog watching Sleepy Hollow.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Peter

    That sounds fabulous! You describe the slopes like you are writing a book! I still haven't seen snow so I am very jealous and wish I was over there hanging out with you.

    Can't wait to chat to you on skype some time further on in your travels when you get a chance.

    Stay safe and in holiday mode... shouldn't be hard.