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Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 4 - CA

Well, if yesterday was good, today was great. It was pretty much a bluebird day and although it was around -14 early on, it was relatively calm and the sun made things plesant. Once again Cam, Pas and I headed to Blackcomb however we made it to the top. Yesterday we only covered about 30% and today we did another 30%. Jeff joined us early on and then Ash found us.

Ash needed a tool for his board,
so I pointed there's plenty around the place...

Mikey, this place is prepared for you

A few quick runs made for an enjoyable start on fairly untouched runs. Ash has a helmet mounted camera and on a glade run he managed to capture Cam tackling a tree and coming off second best while I had to stop in a hurry to avoid him.

Hangin' with the boys

We pitted in for lunch and caught up with the girls who then joined us afterwards. Fi had been spending the morning with Kirst and with her joining us, it meant she could enjoy some faster runs. Pas hiked off to some far off bowl and was stoked with the run so Cam and I joined him to do the same. Pas and Cam made their runs and had to hike it out after not carrying enough speed to make the opposite ridge. I decided to learn from their mistake and go fast. This resulted in making other mistakes ending in one of the biggest stacks I've had to date and fits of laughter from the other two. I'm glad that I stacked it in powder and had a helmet on. Our return to the villiage saw us going from the top most Blackcomb chairlift to the villiage which is almost 1500m's of vertical and a lot of fun.

Dinner was at a Mongolian joint and it was pretty good. They also had fortune cookies and I was fortunate to have three bits of paper in the one.

Mitch had a Mongolian beer...
which was basically a one litre glass of beer

I guess things are looking up?

Very light snow on the way home tonight and fresh falls are expected this week. Heading up Whistler for the first time tomorrow.

It's pretty cold here

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  1. is a picture of you stepping onto the freazing cold snow and you just jumped right out of your pants?

    And are those slopes ready for me so i can shove the tissues down my pants to pad my ass when i stack it?