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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 2 - CA - Meet the Board

This one goes out to Mikey.

Bought myself a 162cm Burton Custom Wide and Burton Cartel bindings. Not cheap but for what I paid total, it would probably cover the cost of the board back home. Picked up a travel snowboard bag at the same time although it only just fits the board with the bindings fitted. Think I'll remove them for travel once I'm finished here.

And the iPod is the most important bit of kit here

Quite a good board although I suspect that it's a better board than the owner is rider. It's quite stable at speed and I've managed to manouver around moguls, trees and downed skiers well enough. Also managed to stick jumps better than last year

C is for Cookie

Also, rumour has it that I can claim tax back on purchases when I'm leaving the country - hope so! Now... the question is whether I should buy some new boots :P

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