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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 3 - CA

Two words: Whistler / Blackcomb

Today was the day but We had to get there first. Steve was gracious enough to drop me off at the bus even though it meant getting three hours sleep. We arrived as the others were and it was all aboard. Fi's plane had been delayed out of NY by two hrs which meant that she'd arrived in Van around 4 in the morning and after the 2 hr bus ride, she was spent and living on caffine.

Once we were into the accomdation we suited up and headed out. Most of the day saw me trailing around with Mark Passier (skis) and Cam (board) up Blackcomb. Pas is fast and Cam is pretty quick too however he managed to break a highback off a binding and discovered the other was cracked too.

Cam, Pas and some clown

Here's a view from Crystals Hut on Blackcomb. There's impressive views all round but they don't convey how big an area it is. In NZ I'd get burning muscles from doing one quick run. Here each leg is a run in itself. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson: It's simply astonishing!

A view from Crystal Hut

Afterwards we all met up for dinner and as Mel and Ash had arrived, we were now at our full complement. I'd had burgers for dinner for my first two nights here so eating Italian was a good change.

Lucas was trying to be the typical backpacker
and cutting corners where possible.

He was also concerned about the grizzly bear warnings however we found some
safeboxs which might come in handy should he be chased.

Clockwise from me; Pas, Lucas, Jeff, Mitch, Kirst, Matt, Mel, Ash, Fi, Cam and Inga

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