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Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 1 - CA

'Welcome to sunny San Francisco...' says the first officer followed by muffled laughter from the passengers...

It's nice to know the rain is as miserable here as it is back home

So you thought I was flying to Canada from Sydney... well... so did I. I arrived in the end however the brief stop in San Fran is actually a method that the U.S. uses to include you in their security database including any information attatched to your passport, a photo and fingerprint scans. The first officer should have said 'Welcome to the land of the paranoid'!

That aside, Bris to Syd to San Fran to Van flights were all pretty mundane. Forgetable food, minor turbullance, poor sleep and passable service were the order of the day. And due to the miracle of the international date line, I landed in Vancouver an hour before I took off from Sydney.

It it weren't for gravity, it would be fun playing around out there

After landing and bidding farewell to Jack (a nurse from Geelong who sat next to me from Syd), I caught a taxi (the driver asked if driving on the 'wrong' side of the road was weird and I said 'No, I mastered that years ago in Europe' refer Sarah, Fiona or Mim for further information) to Steve Perrett's place (of Wivenhoe fame) where we caught up and settled in. Jo (Steve's wife) came home and we went for dinner at a pub with some other friends of theirs; Chris, Lisa*, Brian and Tanya. Lisa studied* with Kate (also of Wivenhoe fame) in Sydney before moving to Canada.

Carbo loading for the cold!

Yes... the up photos have begun!

Tomorrows task: buy a snowboard, some bindings and a bag.

Oh, the answer to the big question that you all wanted to hear... yes... water in a toilet really does swirl backwards here.

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