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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 2 - CA

Happy Australia Day! I know some people enjoyed it ; )

Anyway, day two and I almost missed it. Steve and Jo let me sleep in and when Steve said that I was about to miss breakfast by 15 mins, I thought he was joking. They let me sleep in till 11:45. Ducked out for breaky into and went to this pretty stylish supermarket. That's right, you don't normally put stylish and supermarket in the same paragraph let alone sentence but check out how they present their fresh produce...

Woolie's could learn a thing or two

Well, todays mission was to buy a bag, bindings and boots and I got a little more than I thought. Scored some gear; Burton Custom Wide board, Burton Cartel bindings and a Dakine bag. Good gear, not cheap but that sorta stuff isn't cheap in AU either.

Jo and Steve were off to a work thing so I met up with the crew I'll be boarding with at this dingy pub under where they're staying and in a dodgy neck of the woods. And I mean dodgy... they got photos of a drug deal down the ally next to the hotel hahaha! Plus the pub had a baseball bat behind the bar!

Mitch and Cam

In the mean time, we had a few beers and turned out it was a bit of a 50's theme night so we got some pics. Had some odd shots too. Can't remeber one but the other had some banana liqueur in it but looked blue!

Corey, Amanda (birthday girl) and Jesse - Locals or yocals at the pub

Now, before I met up with them I left the appartment and asked the concierge to book me a cab because the snow that had started to fall in the arvo had turned to rain. So I'm waiting in the lobby and a couple come around the corner asking about a cab and the desk dude was saying that he was calling me one and they were taking their time (he'd been on hold for 5 mins) and this guy appologises thinking he'd interupted me. I said no probs and by then I'd already done a double take but it was Keanu Reeves! Now I know that some of you won't believe me without photographic proof however I'm not the kinda guy who feels it's okay to invade their privacy so I decided I'd leave it as quite a privilage to have traded glances a few times. I mean, how often does a celebrity get to meet me? Lucky guy!

Blogging this is proof that I managed to survive the hood as there's beggers a plenty around the pub (apparently taxis don't stop if there's just one person hailing) and it's not wise to walk in pluggers down the street due to the number of sharps lying around.

Tomorrow: bus ride to Whistler


  1. Ah but do they stack their booze next to the milk on the shelves?

    And post pics of your board too!

  2. ohh and you should've gone up to keanu (yes we're on a first name basis) and said

    "Ah mr anderson, we've had our eye on you for some time now"

    And you'd find out if he still remembered any kung fu :-D

  3. So you survived downtown wherever you said you were. You missed a great Oz Day back here too. Nothing like a bit of damper on the open fire after a day of 4WD'ing or swimming (If you were everyone else except myself, trevor and nikki!)

    I must admit, It's pretty hard to believe without photographic proof (Keanu), I mean it could have been me stalking you or something, with my amazing likeness and all!

  4. looks like your having a good time mate. I'm jealous - i wanna go overseas. I'll leave the dream through your blog hehe