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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 5 - CA

Well, it just keeps getting better. Fresh falls today made for an aweful lot of fun. Ordinary conditions, mid week and no holidays made for a mountain that wasn't busy. This meant that when we made it to Whistlers Peak to Creek run, there were riders far and few between meaning more powder for us. This run is the longest here measuring around 8km. Just to give some idea of it's size, it took us just on an hour from when Ash, Pas, Cam and I left her, caught the lifts and made the run until we joined her again. The hot chocolate and coffee's were welcome after major stacks by Pas, Ash and myself.

This is what it's about... let's get our swerve on

After lunch and meeting Kirstin, Matt, Lucas, Inga and Mel we hung around the Emerald Express and made multiple fast and glade runs. By default moguls are the bane of boarders. Glades are basically moguls with trees so you'd think we'd avoid them. At least, smart people would but boy they are fun. Hard work but fun.

Those gondolas get cosy

Dinner saw us back at the Italian joint from the other night. Smaller crew but heaps of fun. It was here we decided to call ourselves Crikey Team and a moment where I was on the verge of laughing my head off whilst witholding a mouth full of tea. Some how I kept my composure and avoided some impromptu redecorating. We also decided that whilst there's more Kiwi's in Australia, there's more Aussies here than Canadians.

After last nights litre beer, Mitch's wheat intake has substantially reduced

I think the others want to take tomorrow off so we'll see what happens... wusses...

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