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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 6 - CA

Go hard or go home I say. Ash, Mel and I headed out but everyone else went soft. Don't blame them though, three days of boarding and the mornings conditions were far from favourable or enjoyable and they've got Big White in front of them after three more days here. We still had fun though. Initially 7th Heaven up Blackcomb was where we headed but it was too windy so we moved to Whistler. Ash had his binding fixed which was in the process of failing and we stopped in for and early lunch.

It's a beautiful winter wonderland

We stuffed around on the runs around Emerald. Coupla quick legs however the clouds were dropping and making for low visability halfway down the hill. Mel and Ash headed off so I decided to have a stab at Peak to Creek as quick as I could. I did the run in under 16 minutes without stopping or stacking and my legs were burning like a good Indian curry.

Ash, Mel, Pas and I ate in tonight with some nice chicken dish and we got stuck into some 500 whilst watching Warren Miller's Off the Grid. Cam and Inga headed to Kirst and Fi's place for dinner and the others found some Chinese joint in town.

Large cards help with the eye sight of people like me!

Checking out the Symphony / Harmony bowls tomorrow with some reasonable dumpage overnight and then we're hoping to grab a fresh tracks tickets on Friday.

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