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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 9 - NZ

Cookie says...
Finally, Cardrona! It looked closed in from the bottom of the hill but once we arrived, it was basically a blue bird day.

Pilty vegged out till the half day pass kicked in and Mikey hung around the main drag while I checked out Captain's. I decided that Whitestar was the way to go and pumped out some very quick runs. It was fairly busy and there was a comp on which didn't help.

I joined the other two for their final runs and was nearly taken out buy some rouge skier and definitely taken out by Pilt.

I checked out the shop on the way out as Julie had asked me to get some new shirts however I haven't bought any this year as the colours are vomit inducing and styles that went out with the 80's. There's definitely something there for the Gen Y's at Bridgy to pick up.

Once home Pilty rang to book a table up at Skyline. We've discovered that he doesn't handle analogue devices very well as he dropped the landline which killed the call and he forgot his mobile number. Either that or he was intimidated by a chick wanting his number.

We arrived for dinner and at first the staff gave me a dirty look until they realised that Pete Humphreys wasn't with me and waved us through (Pete once had eaten them out of house and home). It was a good feed culminating with Mikey and I giving Pilty dating advice. Now he has no chance with the ladies.

Time to pack and sleep before heading home tomorrow.

Mikey says...
A bit tired today because I spent most of last night and the early morning watching the national geographic channel. At least I now know how to make the new Mercedes truck, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a 20,000 tonne ice-breaker cargo ship, and how to remove a 45 tonne broken keel. Knowledge I'm sure will come in very handy soon.

Stomach was still a little funny today so took it nice and easy on the slopes at Cardrona. Heaps of fun just going up and down and up and down and... well you get the idea.

Dinner was at the Skyline restaurant. Pilty and I had heaps of fun saying things to annoy Cookie. He's just too easy to annoy.

Decided to power walk part of the way home. For some reason the others did walk with me. Probably just couldn't keep up with my lightening pace.

Made it home to finish the last levels of Plants v Zombie's. Oh yeah, the hours I spent playing that game have paid off for sure. If zombies do ever threaten your town, just call me up and I can give you advice on the best plants to take out the brain eaters.

Pilty says...
I still wasn't feeling great so I had a half-a as I still wanted to try something different. Once the low cloud cover started to disappear, the place looked glorious - so large and open. I did three different types of runs; the magic carpet and two other greens.

At night, I overindulged in both great tasting food and possibly useful information.

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