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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 3 - NZ

Cookie says...
Today's start was good and bad. It was a blue bird day and my foot was still a hurtin so Mikey and Pilty headed up to Coronet and I nerded it up back at camp. I quickly rediscovered that TV here is pretty bad so I headed into town to look around for a few things and to give my foot some exercise.

After the others returned we headed out to beat the rush and ended up at Winnies. We overheard a comment from some other patrons who complained about a cool draft which was funny considering we were sitting outside.

Back to the unit for some more cards, hopeless TV and rest.

Mikey says...
Well Cookie couldn't make it today because he's getting old and decrepit so it was just me and Pilty. The runs looked a bit icy and it didn't take me long to find out how icy it was. I stacked it on my first run down and my shoulder took most of the impact. Shoulder is feeling quite tender at the moment and I'll find out in the morning if my body can shake it off or I'm going to have to be old and decrepit like Cookie and take a day off. Other than that had heaps of fun going up and down and up and down and ... well you get the idea.

Pilty says...
Cookie should drink a cup of cement. I decided to fight my lack of interest in snow and give snowboarding a crack. I took the beginner package with 2 lessons and afterwards the first instructor was keen to let me go on to some advanced stuff. Sure I was finding it easy, but now I know why the other guys board instead of ski. I may however be starting to understand the soreness that comes with old age.

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