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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 6 - NZ

Cookie says...
After a day off, it was good to get back on the snow. We headed back to Remarks today although it was an overcast day which meant flat light making it tricky to see the detail on the snow. Around lunch time a window of an hour opened where the sun broke through to allow some quick runs. Mikey had fun having a crack at some of the park boxes while Pilty loitered around the green runs.

Once home and showered, Pilty pretended to be domesticated and put on a load of washing before heading for dinner. Went to a seafood and steak joint for dinner. It never ceases to amaze me how odd Mikey can be. We sat down and after a while he started making the table creak and move the drinks and candle around. Very peculiar man.

Tomorrow Cardrona awaits!

Mikey says...
Back to the Remarkables today. It was pretty cloudy but not a bad day. I tried to do some of the fun boxes on the slopes and they went great until the end bit where you have to get off with out stacking it. Couldn't really get that bit down pat.

Mikey showing off his skillz.

Dinner at HMS Britannia tonight. It was all we could manage as I was dressed as a chav and it was the only place that accepted chavs. Apparently it's not a restaurant but a real ship!!! The wooden table even creaked in the waves and the candle and glasses slid from side to side with the roll of the ship. Simply amazing!

Pilty says...
I managed 1785 vert metres today. No idea what that really means, but I went up and down a mountain 17 times. I also felt brave enough to try out the tunnel which was a step up for me. There is photo evidence of this occurrence and as far as I'm concerned, means I'm better than Cookie as there is no evidence he has achieved such a feat.

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  1. That's classic - I love how weird he is, even though it does embarrass even me sometimes!! Glad to find out he didn't actually enter the KFC premises.