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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 2 - NZ

Cookie says...
Mikey and I headed up Coronet today while Pilty decided to hold the sofa down. If there's one thing that's been easy to notice with Kiwi ski fields, it's there's always something upgraded or new every few years. This time NZSki have caught up to Europe fields and have upgraded their life tickets to smart cards.

For the most part we hung around the green slope while Mikey got used to boarding again. He made some good progress although we did make one mistake and ended up on a T-Bar. Stumps were pulled up a little short of full time but as I had one sore foot, I didn't mind.

We think Pilty had changed seats and may even have ventured out. Mikey knocked up dinner and we cracked out some cards. I just hope my foot isn't as sore tomorrow so I can get out as it should be a blue bird day.

Mikey says...
First day on the snow was great. A few stacks but other than that it was fun to get back on the board again.

At first I liked the fog that was rolling in... until I tried going down a run with the fog set in. Not good. Couldn't see much. Oh and I completely took out a skier (when the weather was clear so I can't blame it on the fog). He was stationary and I didn't stop in time, thankfully the only thing that was hurt was my ego.

Pilty says...
I happen to enjoy walking around each new town on the first day I visit, thus I decided snow was not on the agenda for me today. I walked through the whole city and took it all in. Cookie will be proud of me for not consuming any of the fast food available (yet).

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