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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 8 - NZ

Cookie says...
Whilst we weren't game to head to Cardrona today, we weren't too keen to be stuck in the unit again after yesterdays effort so we headed out and about. First stop was to get some brunch from Fergbaker and on to some Frisbee golf. We were all equally ordinary at it, especially when the disks aren't the same disks you use when playing ultimate disk, so the end result was pretty close.

After a bit of a break back at the base, we headed back out for a spot of mini golf. Mikey had been itching to visit this place ever since Luke had raved about it so it was time to see what the fuss is all about.

It was certainly one of the most detailed of courses but it wasn't suited to my putting skillz. I might have lost but I prefer to think that I got better value for my money.

For dinner it was Fergburger and it was busy as usual.

Mikey says...
Today was golf day. Frisbee Golf and then Mini Golf. I was pretty much amazing at both but held myself back to make the others fell not so... loserish.

I looove my super-slow-mo.

Dinner for me was a roast pork belly burger. Delish!!! Hopefully tomorrow we're all off to Cardrona and not just off.

Also hoping that we make it through the rest of the trip too as the food poisoning has given Cookie gas that is almost levitating him from the ground. Luckily none of us smoke or our doom would be almost certain.

Pilty says...
I still wasn't feeling the best, so wasn't going to be hitting the slopes today anyway. Was nice of the other guys to hang out with me instead (even if it was just to cover their softness). The day did however get better (unlike my stomach) with a couple of different versions of golf (which in itself I find very boring).

I had also been wanting to visit the indoor mini golf after doing some pre-trip research. I had also heard rumors that there was a second mini golf course on the other side of the road but it didn't look as good (perhaps next time?).

Fergburger food is sooo tasty! I choose a larger burger just to make up for the lack of eating yesterday. No wonder it is such a popular place.

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