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Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 4 - NZ

Cookie says...
Off to a slow start but we made it up to the Remarks. It was good to make it back here as I really enjoy some of the runs that hang off the Sugarbowl lift. I spent the first few hours here before checking up on the others and then heading over to the Shadow Bowl chair.

I haven't spent much time over this side of the ski field. The only time I'd been here was on a closed in, windy and cold day and one run was enough for me however today was a blue bird and I could go quick, very quick.

One of the neat things that the electronic ticketing allows is tracking stats. Apparently I did almost twice the amount of vertical today as my first day with about the same number of runs. We continued the tradition of seeing cars in ditchesbut we didn't get a photo of it : (.

Back at the ranch we cracked out Settlers which Mikey closely won and then knocked up some bangers and mash. After some footy and readying, it was time to study the back of my eyelids.

Mikey says...
Up to the Remarks today and it was heaps of fun. I helped Pilty out a little bit on the beginner slope and then went off to the green runs. After lunch Pilty and I went up the chair lift and he did pretty well on his first run down. After that I left Pilty to practice and then tried to get as many runs in as possible before closing time. Have to beat Cookie with my stats! Shoulder feels okay as long at I don't put any pressure on it... which means it's okay to board. Woohoo!

Pilty says...
After almost drowning in a pool of my own sweat halfway through the night due to trying out a new discovery called the electric blanket (it was on the lowest setting!), I headed out with the guys to a place named after me - The Remarkables. I started on the easy slopes to renew my confidence and later on, guided by Mikey, did a few runs on a green slope. Won't be long until we put Cookie to shame. I only had one major stack; which Mikey managed to witness (I still maintain I did it just for his entertainment).

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