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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 5 - NZ

Cookie says...
Another blue bird this morning but unfortunately we're not heading up the hill. On these trips it's usually a team effort and doing it my way but this time the majority ruled so we went for a drive instead. First stop was Arrowtown for the Chinese settlement, a stroll up the street and pies for morning tea.

Previously I had been recommended a venison pie after I'd finished a steak and mushroom but this trip I made up for it and I have to say it was probably the yummiest pie I have ever had.

Next stop was the Kawarau Bridge to watch some bungee jumping however the only other tourists there were a bunch of Asian's and as expected, they took a stack of photos even though no one was jumping. As with the last trip we headed for Puzzling World on the edge of Wanaka. This time I managed to get to the green tower which we'd missed last time but we were still beaten by a Rodda.

The return home was via the Crown Range with a stop at the Cardrona Hotel for lunch. We had burgers which were okay but don't have anything on what Fergburger creates. I ducked into town for some supplies after getting home and it was soup for dinner followed by watching the Bledisloe Cup match between us and the Kiwi's.

Mikey says...
Day off today. Pilty and I could tell Cookie wanted a day off but just couldn't bring himself to say it so we took one for the team to help him out. Went to Arrowtown and had a lamb and mint pie... well I had almost all of a lamb and mint pie. Cookie took a... Cookie size bite out of it before I realised that the pie I was holding had a V on it for venison and his had an L on it for Lamb. Mental note will have to watch my food from now on to make sure Cookie isn't turning into the Cookie monster and start eating everything on site.

Then on to Puzzling World. I finished the maze first even though Pilty and Cookie didn't realised that it was a competition. Mim will be proud as I just kept turning left, then left, then left again, and again, and again, and then left, and then... ALL OF A SUDDEN... I turned left. Oh yeah it takes brains to do this sort of stuff.

All blacks match tonight. Come on All Blacks!

Pilty says...
For some reason I have a really sore neck, so Cookies suggestion of going for a drive was quite convenient. I had been starting to wonder why they called this country the land of the sheep; I now have had my doubts alleviated. Puzzling World was quite fun and I think I won the maze challenge because I found the towers in the correct order. Union tonight; I still don't understand the interest in such a boring, stop/start game, no wonder Cookie hit the sack before it finished...

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