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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 1 - NZ

John says...

I just love plane flights (NOT!) and as we draw closer to Queenstown the good news came over the PA that we would be in a holding pattern with two other planes waiting to land. The kicker was that if we couldn't land Christchurch was our next stop, Arhhh!! Noooo! All good though we made it to Queenstown and things went pretty smoothly.

I got snowed on, yay!! One aim on the trip down on day one, what a great star to the trip.
Just a point of note as well. I'm all for carb loading for a big day on the slopes and I must clarify that I do like noodles but Cookie takes it to a whole an other level.

This is what a mortgage makes you eat!

Cookie says...

'I see sheeps!' yells a kid on the plane just minutes from land earning a cabin full of laughter. Yup, you guessed it, we're back in NZ. Three major changes to this years lineup. John steps up to fill Mikey's (small) shoes, Pete and Nichole are hooning around the island in a campervan and the volume of snow. Here's a photo just to give some context.

Not much snow... alot of snow...

Team photo - John, Kylie... oh that's right, she piked... and yours truely

So, I guess this trip has started out pretty good all things considered. Last night we booked a maxi-taxi but they sent a Falcon sedan. We couldn't make the snowboard bag fit so they sent a maxi-taxi. The check-in queue was big but kept moving along with the customs queue which was huge but it was alright. Then once in the air we're told that QT airport was closed in the morning meaning that we could be landing in Christchurch.

But after two tuff laps in the holding pattern we land, sneak through customs, pick up the car and check into our accommodation. After a little grocery shopping we hoof it around town and John finds some goggles. John was keen on a simple meal so some fush 'n chups was required. He liked his fush n' chups and I thought the salmon was pretty good after being washed down with some local brews.

After having fush n' chups for dinner we're back in the unit watching the olympics, setting up our snowboards and we've discovered that our main heater does not work. I guess this means we might end up having to spoon in the double bed to keep warm (sorry Julz).

Tomorrow: snowtime!

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