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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 3 - NZ

John says...
Today was absolutely gorgeous, you just couldn't have asked for a better day and I had a coupla good runs without falling over. I can see why people who don't fall over enjoy snowboarding. I'm happy that I'm improving and the only thing is that I'm sore in different spots now but apparently that's good because it means I'm doing something right.

This is just part of the amazing views from Coronet Peak

And while Cookie chose to sit in the freezing cold for a few hours (weirdo), I vegged out in the warm unit. Looking forward to some Thai tonight.

Cookie says...
I'd have to say that today was probably the best conditions I've had while on the snow in NZ. John was sore from yesterday but he ventured out again and was happy for me to shoot through. Greengates was the lift I hung around and managed to meet three med interns from Perth on a 'conference' - study leave for snowboarding.

It's a big mountain with big views

After they went in for lunch I stayed out and tried my hand at hitting a few jumps and thankfully they didn't hit me back. Found out that not only does a powder skirt keep snow out, it keeps your camera in. I thought I'd lost it to find it swimming around inside my jacket!

And in keeping with last trip, we found another car in the ditch

After returning to the unit, John stayed in while I froze my bum off with capturing some time-lapse of Queenstown from the lookout above the town. It should look good but apart from the boarding, I'm over the cold and looking forward to summer! Pete and Nichole arrive late tonight so we'll catch up with them tomorrow.

I froze capturing this so I hope it was worth it!

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