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Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 2 - NZ

John says...
Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch... who'd have thought bruises on bruises were possible! I had some success but as you can tell, it came at a cost.

This is the position I became all too familiar with

A late lunch became a pilgrimage to Furgburger

Cookie says...
In the famous words of Warren Miller 'It's time to get our swerve on.'. So we did... kinda. We headed to Coronet Peak, kitted up, grabbed our half price tickets (due to having a Warren Miller movie ticket) and hit the snow... at least John did... multiple times. Fortunately for him the clouds came in so we bailed shortly after 1.

The view from Greengates over the road towards QT

Dave had flown down that morning so we met him around dinner for an ale in The Pig n' Whistle. Soon we left and made our way to The Cow. The Cow is another of Queenstowns' iconic establishments and one that I've not visited due to it always being busy. Dave also gently informed us that it is currently Gay Ski Week. I guess that explains the grins the landlords gave us when we checked in.

Even our car knew about Gay Ski Week!

After two pizzas, eleven beers and the biggest and best loaf of freshly cooked garlic bread I've ever eaten, we parted company to rest for our second day on the hill.

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