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Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 6 - NZ

John says...
Cruisy morning with Pete and Nichole meeting us at the unit and then ducking into town for some souviner shopping followed by lunch at The Cow. We came back and played a few hands of five hundred. We saw Pete and Nichole off and Cookie headed into town while I did some reading and watched TV. Afterwards we met up with Cookie's mate Dave for a few beers and a feed.

Nichole loved the freshly cooked garlic bread and Pete's always smiling anyway

Cookie says...
Bit of a laid back day today. Pete and Nichole would leave this afternoon so we kicked around town a little and stopped to have lunch at The Cow. Once fed we headed back to the unit to continue the five hundred game we started last night. It was one game a piece when Nichole and Pete left for Te Anau.

Inside The Cow

I took the chance to update the blog and sus out aother time-lapse spot. Headed back to the unit to see John otherwise occupied.

John busy back bashing

We met up with Dave and I finally bought a softshell that I said I'd buy that tonight for the last week. Better late than never. Anyway, we decided to head to Monthy's for dinner and a few beers. Two mates of Dave, Matt (art designer for a NZ surf magazine) and Stacey (national Oakley rep) joined us.

Dave and I decided to hit TC tomorrow and John is off to Remarks.

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