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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 4 - NZ

John says...
I turned into a tourist today. Cookie went off and did some more boarding so I walked around and took photos with Pete then met Nichole for lunch after she slept in. Tried some $15 steak which turned out to be an overcooked steakette. Afterwards we decided to try some Shotover Jetboating. It was good fun but as I ride bikes, it wasn't as exciting as others would find. It felt more like snowboarding when you're sliding around.

I jumped on the shuttle back to town and Pete and Nichole went to do the swing thing. My gloves are a little tight with wearing Cookie's wrist guards and one has split so thought I'd find some new ones. Chatted to some guy waxing boards and headed home.

Cookie came home and we waited for the others to return. Once they had showered we walked into town for dinner. I wasn't too interested in pizza and wanted to try something else. We went to an Indian place which had odd taste in music for an Indian restaurant, it was mainly movie and TV show theme music. Ordered the old faithful butter chicken and it was good. Went home to a nice warm unit.

Nichole says...
I politely declined Cookie and John's invitation for a 7.30 breakfast and decided to sleep in. It was well needed sleep. The shotover was good but it froze my face. I have yet to see it snow.

Nichole after half a week in a campervan

Pete says...
The highlight of this day was that I did the giant canyon swing. Here are the stats; 60m freefall, 109m deep gorge, 150kph = the most incredible rush I've ever had. I even had Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and a Leyton Hewitt 'C'mon' pumping me up!

There's a hill between town and the unit which Nic needed some help with

Cookie says...
Late start this morning as Pete was coming over while Nic slept-in back at the campervan. Bit of a day of people doing their own thing. Nic had some alone time while Pete and John cruised around town. I headed up the hill but this time to Remarks. Unfortunately this prawn left his memory in the computer so no photos or video today.

It was another beautifully clear day and while sitting on the chair I was contemplating all the important things in life like which runs do I warm up on? Should I try the jumps here? That whole face looks like fun but would require a fair bit of walking. Decided to keep the walking for later and ended up spending the day on the jumps. I was pretty happy with my effort. I think I stacked it about three times on the run of three jumps in the terrain park after going through there about 15+ times. After the jumps I'd either fang it to the lift or pick a run where I could get some turns in.

The light started to go flat so I finished up with a few quick runs and made it back to QT. Picked up a Brazilian hitcher called Sabrina in the carpark and dropped her off in town. Her background was research and hospitality however her current job was labouring which she has found gave the best income and flexibility for hitting the snow.

I found John lazing around the unit and we were waiting for Pete and Nic. They arrived, showered and we hoofed it into town for dinner. I showed them The Cow and Winnies which they liked the look of but we ended up at an Indian place.

They are joining us for Coronet tomorrow so should be fun.

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