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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 7 - NZ

John says...
I went to the Remarkables while Cookie went with Dave to Treble Cone. Take a windy dirt road, wrap it around a mountain, hold back on the use of guardrail and make it wet slippery at the top and that's the road to the ski field. Remarks carcark is as high as the peak at Coronet and it really does feel like you're on the top of the world and when you look around, everything is covered in snow. It was a great day, the only thing to take the edge of it was my unintentional attempt to cartwheel down one of the runs.

Cookie says...
Dave picked me up around 7.30 and we were gone. It's a bit of a hike from QT over the crown range to Wanaka where we picked up some goodies and then we continued to Treble Cone past some amazing scenery. Once at TC we got into our gear, bought a day pass and headed up the hill. First run started on some nice stuff then we found the hardest snow / ice I've ever ridden over. We cut our losses and headed over to the saddle basin where we had some fun runs.

We knew that Hollywood Bowl was beckoning however it was on hold as they were waiting for a chopper to lift an injured skier out of there so we hit a few more runs.

TC has some incredible terrain like Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl finally opened and we were the first through the gate. We gunned it to the bowl and while Dave perched himself to video my run. Silly me went the wrong side of a ridge from where Dave was recording but it was the best snow I've rode on aside from Whistler. The only sucky part is the walk out at the other end. It was around lunch so we did a few drops and jumps and then some back country to get to the car for a short break.

Dave dropping into a run

Mikey, I've found a replacement photographer

This bird will chew your tyres, windscreen wiper blades
or in our case, steal your aerial

There wasn't too much of the day left so instead of heading to the saddle again, we hung around on the main side for a bit of fun and photos / video. A few runs later and we're packing up and starting the long drive back. Turned out John was still in one piece after three hours at Remarks.

For the LotR trainspotters, this waterfall is in the movies

John had been talking about KFC for the last few days so we went there for dinner. Dave came over later to check out the photos and video.

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  1. Good to hear john went to visit the mountains named after me