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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day 36 - IT

Rome. Apparently all roads lead to it so I wasn't too concerned about finding it. We just headed north and we found it. What was of concern was handing the car over. This was part two of my car story. I had failed to read in the leasing agreement that we had to notify the mob two days in advance that we were returning the car as someone had to meet us in Rome to pick it up. We only realised this the Saturday night and rang the number to find we could only leave a message. Fi and Sarah were rightly fired up whereas Mim was quite blasé (this is what Mim is like about a great many things!).

Fortunately (for me), when we arrived at the airport, someone was there to meet us. I was really impressed at being able to return the car without a ding or scratch because looking around at every other car in Europe, you had to assume that dings and accidents were either a national past time or were optional when buying a car new. The only broken thing was the dial on the radio which was a regular fault.

The train took us to the termini and we managed to secure a place to stay. I had to hang out with our bags to keep an eye on them and several people came up offering places to stay. We ended up near Bologne station which wasn't too many stops from the Coliseum which we walked around after checking in. Didn't do the actual tour and kept on walking past a large forum and a palace to the Pantheon. Took some snaps around the place that turned out quite well and had Macca's for dinner. Regardless of where you go in the world, Macca's is Macca's... crap.

Headed home for some deserved rest.

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