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Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 30 - IT

We woke, and were happy to leave the hostel and made our way back to Francesco's place where we met his family.

Today we were back on the road and were heading for Assisi which was a town that Sarah wanted to check out. We wrrived and found where the hostel was. It was small but adequete. There was a Swiss religious class trip staying there but they weren't as noisy as the last school group we saw.

Before sleeping we sat up chatting about various things. Sarah and I reckon that Mim should try hooking up with Mikey if and when she returned.

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  1. OK I now understand why you were saying that I should read your blog. Did we genuinely have that conversation? I remember having a conversation along those lines but couldn't remember if Mikey came up in the conversation. Well he obviously did!!