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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Day 24 - IT

We woke to rain today but instead of sitting around, Mim, Vicky and I walked to Corneglia. It was another good walk that we enjoyed and when we arrived, Fi and Sarah had trained it there so we met them and found some lunch.

The track to Monerollo was closed due to a landslip so we boarded the train to get there instead. Another nice town which we then walked to Riomagiore from. Once we'd nosed around it and grabbed a few pics, we trained it back to Vernazza to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Ocean.

I headed up along the track to Monterosso al Mare to get a good vantage point of Vernazza to try get a few photos. I chatted to a photographers cousin as he was taking some pics too.

We had some pre-dinner drinks and then dinner which was three courses of anti-pasto, spaghetti and octopus. Once dinner was finished, we headed back to our bar for the evening. It was a lot of fun where Mim is always a lady regardless what she's doing and the bar staff thought I was gay!

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