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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day 32 - IT

It turned out that as we were travelling in what was essentially the shoulder season, we were the only ones staying at the hostel. To make things more interesting, it was actually a converted prison and we had slept in cells. It was nice and tidy and great to not be surrounded by noisy kids etc.

We left and jumped back onto the autostrada and headed for Salerno which is just south of Naples. This was one of the longer drives and the autostrada passes around Rome and the traffic reflected this.

When we first entered Salerno we weren't too sure where our hostel was. The girls were after a pitstop and so was I. The girls went first and then I went. They didn't have any problems locating a toilet but I did. I ended up trying to ask some dude who worked in the petol station where the toilet was. In my worst Italian I worked out he couldn't speak english so I had to mime using a urinal (which I don't think I saw in Italy at all) and he worked out what I was after.

It turned out that we were at the wrong end of Salerno so we headed the other direction. Like in Amelia, we decided that getting out on foot was the way to go so I parked behind some parked cars and Fi and Mim headed off in search of the hostel. Here I learnt two things, the Italians park anywhere and using your hazards means you can pop into a café for a half our lunch all the while double parking someone. I also realised that as the parked cars in front of me slowly vanished, I had actually parked in a running lane.

The girls returned and we parked at the hostel. After checking in and jumping on the net, we went for a walk along the shoreline. Later on we tried to head out for dinner but seemed that we were too early. Most of the places didn't seem to open until after 9. We found a place to eat and then called it a night.

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