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Friday, October 14, 2005

Day 34 - IT

Yesterday we made it to Amalfi and Positano via bus but today we did it on the ferry and there was a new destination at the end: the Isle of Capri. On the ferry we met some Brits and some Yanks. Sadly enough, their conversations always seemed to turn to politics. Guess that's what happens when you have a prawn running the US of A.

Capri is a pretty place. Quite popular with the tourists and there was a cruise ship in dock. After exiting the ferry we shot up the hill to one of the main centres. We had a bit of a look around and I had the best gnocchi ever and the waiter (Bruno) told Fi a lemoncello recipe.

After we all bought lemoncello stuff and hopped on the chair lift to the top to find an amazing view. You couldn't look anywhere and not be taken in by what you could see. Also consumed more gelato as part of my quest.

Nothing out of the ordinary with the ferry ride back apart from finding the Brits and Yanks again.

Back to what became our local for dinner and I love their bruschette.

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