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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 7 - ENG

Cookie says...
We headed north today and had quite a distance to drive. Thankfully the UK motorway system works really well when away from major cities. It was nice to drive amongst civilised drivers too. Slow people kept left, people didn't cut people off, people let others in. It was how driving should be.

Glad I wasn't in Switzerland or Australia or I'd
have been shot, drawn and quarted for this

Just off the motorway is a town called Stoke-on-Trent. While the name might not mean much to most people, anyone who loves their Wedgewood crockery will know that this is where it comes from. We had a look through their visitors centre and demonstration display.

For lunch we stopped in at some services and this time we didn't get sandwiches however I kinda wished we got something else instead.

When we neared Manchester / Liverpool we experienced some queuing (traffic jam). It was due to a minor bingle and it was slow going for a few miles. I have to say though, even the queuing was civilised as no one was trying to chop and change lanes to get in front of anyone else.

We flew past the Welcome to Cumbria sign and then exited the motorway and started winding our way towards our destination. We had been trying to make it to Ambleside by three as England were to play Germany in the quarter finals of the world cup and we wanted to watch it in a pub. Germany were probably always going to win however no one expected the 4-1 pasting that they were handed. Australia shouldn't feel so bad after their 4-0 loss.

This pub was standing room only when England scored
but after four German goals, it was empty at full-time.

For dinner Julz was fanging for a typical English meal so we went for some Indian. A tub of Ben and Jerry's later and we headed to the B&B for our first night in the Lake District.

Julie says...
Well, I am now regretting my decision to demand some other than sandwhiches for lunch... we ended up eating KFC in a service station. I will keep my mouth shut in future and appreciate the M&S sandwiches day after day.

As for today, it contained a lot of driving, some nice scenery, and a pub filled with disappointed Englishmen.

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