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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 - ENG

Cookie says...
Bath is a loverly town with sandstone buildings everywhere you look. In the middle is Bath Abby and the Roman Baths. After strolling around for a bit we entered the baths and grabbed the audio guides. It's a pretty impressive site. The ruins that were present have had a building raised around it to give it the Roman building feel plus they have some good displays on life within Bath and the baths.

The main bath in the Roman baths

Upon exiting we walked up to the Circus and the Royal Cresent to check out where the upper class lived. For the third day in a row we had some M&S sangers for lunch and Julz found a Ben and Jerry's where we had some ice cream. It's good stuff. As we had been walking around for a bit and we were pretty warm and tired, we thought we'd treat ourselves to a bit of a dip.

As with Scotland, busking is a little different here

As Bath historically had these baths to bathe in, they also have a modern spa in the form of the Thermae Spa. We bought a 2 hour session and started in the Minerva pool (which was a warm pool and Julie's favourite), tried out the hot shower, steam rooms (my favourite), foot spa, cool shower, moved to the rooftop pool and then finished back in the Minerva pool. They also do treatments and therapies. I was soo tempted to get us a 50 minute massage.

Before we went back too the B&B I had to find the dsestination for tomorrow nights dinner which took a little while. With that located we headed back to base, showered and headed back up to the pub which has become our local.

We headed out again to try time-lapse Pulteney Bridge at sunset but it was taken forever and was a bit of a fizzer. Okay, it was a failure. In fact, the view facing the other way would have been nicer. I'll try another one tomorrow night of the town.

Julie says...
Bath is really nice, however discovering that it is built into a hilly area (with our B&B situated at the top of a rather steep section) was a bit annoying. The Roman baths were fantastic, and the rest of the town had that 'quaint English village' feel. We wandered around for quite a while and then managed to find Marks and Spencers for the 4th day in a row (we clearly are getting a lot of variety in our diet - sandwhiches and then more sandwhiches).

Pulteney Bridge. Site of the failed time-lapse.

After rubbing it in to Sarah that we were eating Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, Cookie shouted us to the spa, and it was the highlight of my day. Floating around in warm water after spending way to much time on my feet was just heaven. I was very happy to come out looking like a prune at the end of it.

Feeling quite relaxed, I thought I would be able to make it up the hill one last time before heading to the pub for dinner. However, Cookie had it in his head to surprise me with some secret destination for tomorrow night's dinner. After walking around for ages (and me getting quite annoyed), we finally arrived out the front of Jamie's Italian restaurant. This is one in a chain of restaurants owned by Jamie Oliver - my favourite chef. And, although I appreciated the thought Cookie put into organising for us to go to a Jamie Oliver restaurant, I was fed-up with wandering aimlessly and so gave him a very anti-climactic response to the destination. But, Im sure I will be excited about it tomorrow night (as long as we aren't doing more wandering beforehand).

Don't even get me started on the time-lapse - I love freezing my arse off whilst watching a camera take photos of the same thing a thousand times. Remind me why I let myself get dragged into these things.... oh yeah, that's right, I married the guy...silly me...

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