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Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 5 - ENG

Cookie says...
Today was a cruisy day. It kicked off with a visit to a laundromat and no trip is complete without losing money to washing machines or dryers. Julz took the opportunity to do some reading and snoozing while I did some more nerd stuff. We sourced some lunch and later in the arvo I snuck out and walked through Bath Abbey and took the tour to the rooftop.

Inside Bath Abbey

The tour was interesting and talked about the bells and clock but it also gave me the opportunity to look over the town from probably the best point of view in the town.

The view from the bell tower. Roman Baths bottom left and
the Thermae Spa rooftop pool a little further away

I returned to find Julz asleep so I did some reading of my own. I save my Lone Wolf books up for times like these and am quite enjoying reading them again.

It was dinner time so we cleaned up and walked back out into the town. We're up a bit of a hill so it takes a little effort but hopefully this helps offset our consumption of breaky, dinners and pints of ale and cider. When we found Jamie's Italian last night Julie didn't quite realise it was a legitiment Jamie Oliver restaurant (Julie is quite a fan of him). While she showed no signs of excitement when we found it, she was really looking forward to it when we sat down.

The food was great. I must admit we ate too much but it was hard not to order various dishes from the menu. I think we might have a few ideas for things we want to try when we return home.

Later on we went for a walk to find a spot looking over the town as I was keen on trying another time-lapse. This one I think should work our a lot better.

Bath from the lookout we found

Julie says...
It was nice to wake up today knowing that I wouldn't be aimlessly wandering around looking at monuments. Don't get me wrong - I love travelling and seeing the world... but then I also like to relax on my holidays and not go everywhere. So, I was happy to do some laundry today and then sit and read.

Not even travellers can escape washing.
We made it another reading opportunity.

After getting back from the landromat (which by the way was at the bottom of the large hill we now lived on), I did some ironing (yes, I ironed my husband's clothes - it gives me good wife brownie-points so that he shouts me dinner and cider), and then read for a while. Sandwhiches were again on order for lunch (surprisingly not from M&S this time), and then Cookie went off to see the abbey (I've seen enough abbey's in my travels to discover they all pretty much look the same).

Dinner as an absolute treat! The food was fantastic - Jamie Oliver definately knows how to cook (or at least put recipes together that other chefs can cook that taste amazing). After about 7 courses and a whole bottle of wine, I was feeling fabulous. We wandered our way back up the hill, and then Cookie had it in his head that another time-lapse was in order (yay).

Food, glorious food

Last night's time lapse was a disaster because over here twilight lasts for about 3 hours, and so you have to be out from about 9pm through to middnight to get any sembalnce of a sunset. Cookie thought tonight's time-lapse would be different...we gave up close to 11pm, with the sky still a lovely blue colour.

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