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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 6 - ENG

Cookie says...
Back on the road today. We didn't really have to far to go however we had been wondering whether we'd wanted to experience some culture. Stratford-upon-Avon was the destination and is the birthplace for one William Shakespeare.

William grew up here before moving to London but seemed to have moved back at some point as he also died here. His wife Anne Hathaway also lived here. It has since become a Mecca for tourist hoards and it was packed when we were walking around. I'd seen his house on my first trip but this time round we walked through it. It has a good media presentation at the start and the obligatory shop at the end.

William Shakespeare's birthplace is on the left

Ice cream was calling us which was across the street and nextdoor to a Christmas store which we'd walked through earlier. The roof was so low even Julie felt like she might bump her head. It was time for some more snoozing and reading so we found a spot in a park.

For dinner we headed to the pub. It was cheap food but it was okay. We managed to take the scenic route home via Anne Hathaway's cottage and started watching the Ghana vs USA game. It was 1-1 when we fell asleep and we don't know what the final result was.

Julie says...
Today's trip was a direct route from Bath to Stratford-upon-Avon (I wasn't about to let Cookie direct us to another 'amazing monument of rocks' like our first driving trip). We found our B&B and then wandered into town. It was quite busy but that wasn't unexpected. Another lot of M&S sandwiches for lunch (ok, so this is now getting ridiculous - I might have to demand real food for lunch tomorrow), and then we saw the sights.

Shakespeare's birthplace tour was alright, although the house is on quite a lean. I'm sure I'd have gotten more out of it if I was a true Shakespear fan, but it was interesting enough.

I then decided I'd had enough wandering around and so we found a shady place to sit and read/sleep (although Cookie's snoring started getting looks from the people walking past).

We then hit the pub for dinner. Nothing like a good couple of pints of cider to end the day on a good note :)

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