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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 4 - Cradle Mountain

Cookie says...
Padawan Rebecca decided to have the morning in so the rest of us headed to the interpretation center (interpretive dance anyone?) to do a few of the short walks. Here we learnt the truth about why yesterdays hike went pear-shaped.

Our track was a dead-end but we kept on walking!

We did a few of the walks, took photos, found evidence of ent warfare (LotR reference) and Mim kept an eye out for wombats but to no avail.

Pencil Falls was a neat spot

Lunch was back at the ranch and afterwards we cracked out Citadels. Mim won and then we escaped for some more walking for photos. Mim was overjoyed to find some wombats. The light was pretty crumby so no time-lapse of Cradle Mountain at sunset.

The last known photo of this tourist
before he was mauled by this savage beast

Mim and Mikey went off on a night walk to look for wombats and check out Tasmanian Devils while we headed to the tavern for dinner and snuck in some 500. After they returned we cracked out Settlers where Mim proceeded to trash us.

Mim says...
I stalked some wombats and managed to pat one after some tourists herded it in my direction. After the night walk the tally stood at ten.

This will definately be the highlight of the trip

Luke says...
My knee hurts. So do my ribs.

Bec says...
I slept!

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