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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 1 - Launceston

Cookie says...
Well, we're (read: I'm) at it again. We're off to Tasmania and this time we're not alone. The man who was with me (and inspired me) when this blog first started, Mikey, is here and he's brought a wife (Mim). Oh, Mikey says hi. Also, long time reader Luke Allen-Ankins has saddled up with us and he too has brought his wife (Rebecca). And naturally I have brought my wonderful wife (Julie) too and Mikey says hi.

Funnily enough... Mikey says hi... we're sitting in the JetStar waiting lounge and they're showing a movie about a plane crash. Nice choice. Mikey says hi.

Anyway, the flight came and went, we picked up the cars and headed to our accomodation after a detour. Yup, they've started already. This one was Rebecca's but I swear Mim sponsored it! As any self respecting tourist would do, after checking in we headed to the pub for dinner and some James Boags on tap (when in Rome!). Good food and great company but I reckon that if this is the norm for the rest of the trip then checked in baggage won't be the only weight I'll be worried about when coming home!

For Sarah's benefit, and Mikey says hi... it turns out I didn't need to bring the bowl or the keys because these days there's an app for it.

Okay, Mikey... I appreciate your keeness to contribute but please get back in your box! Mim, where's his medication?

Mikey says...
I loved the view from the window seat!

Mim says...
I'm really excited that I'm travelling again and the best part is that Mikey and I had Cook Tours organise this trip for us!

Luke says...
Mikey stole my window seat!

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