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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2 - Launceston

Cookie says...
The plan was to rise early, go for a walk and then meet for breaky but Mim let the team down. In fact, she's our first casualty. She had a big night last night, drinking like a fish and now she's paying for it. She's claims it was food poisoning (the scallops apparently) but we know the truth. Julz and I walked with the mercury registering 0 while Mikey took Mim to the hospital. The rest of us had breaky and caught up with them as Mim was being discharged.

It's a wee bit cold for a walk!

Before heading out of Launceston, we checked out Cataract Gorge (First Basin). We rode the chairlift (the worlds longest single span chairlift) to the other side and walked back via the suspension bridge. It's worth a visit.

Mim and Mikey went in search of a chemist while we headed for Cradle Mountain. On the way we passed through two towns who are clearly in competition with easch other in the uniqueness stakes. Railton which is 'The Town of Topiary' (whatever that is) is full of shaped hedges and Sheffield is 'The Town of Murals'.

The vandals out here are a special breed

A 45 minute windey road later and our car was the second to arrive at the cabins. We checked in, fired up the wood heater, fell in love with the place and started feasting on the food (courtesy of Ashgrove Cheese Farm and a bakery) and wine we'd bought during the day. Gout here we come!

Glad to see they use real moo cows for their cheese

It's interesting to see how people occupy themselves. I have my cameras, Julie and Mim have their books, Bec and Luke have their dice and cards while Mikey talks to himself. We're here for three nights, hoping for snow (unlikely), and swingers party jokes aside, we have several board, card and dice games to keep us occupied.

The team doing what they do best

Julie says...
The Town of Topiary was a unique find on the journey. I was devistated at the thought of arriving at Cradle Mountain with no win after the large town of Sheffield provided a mediocre IGA and no Bottle-O (that we could find).

Is this a work in progress or topiary nudity?

Mim says...
Being sick is bad. Poor Mikey. he had trouble figuring out how to rub my back while sticking his fingers in his ears to stave off sympathetic spewing.

Mikey says...
Cracked the windscreen today... don't tell Cookie...

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