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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 2 - Rye

Harrison says...
Mum and Auntie Mim went to an information place (dad laughed that the information person wanted some of Auntie Mim's holiday information) so I found a sea of bark chip which had a playground in it. There was soo much bark chip for James and me. After that we went up a big hill to a lookout and we found some artists in a park.

Then we tried visiting some places but they were closed.

We found a bakery with good pies (daddy is an expert on pies!).

Finally we found some open wineries, a cindery and then it was time to go home. I can't wait to read my book again and have tea and my bath (except it smells) and then go to hang out with Mr Fox. Totally embarrassment though, James has the same panamas as me.

James says...
Disappointing start to the day; at 3am Auntie Julie told me it's not an appropriate time to wake. We compromised and reconvened at 5.30. We then started on mum's seven page tome of things to do (and that was just for Thursday!).

It was a busy day and we spent a lot of time sitting; me in the car and daddy on the loo. The grown ups made us go to bed by six. Harry and me could have had fun because they were in bed by seven. Finally, someone else's mother dresses them like my mother dresses me!

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