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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 8 - NZ

Cookie says...
Another day with lots of two things. For me it's driving and for Mim it's brown signs. Seriously, the woman is addicted! Anyway, after a walk to check out the glacier we exited Frans Josef and made good time throughout the day.

We managed to leave our accomm with a quarter of a tank of fuel and were worried about finding a town large enough with the petrol we needed. The positive thing was that it helped keep Mim's addiction in check and we made it to a major town with 22km's to spare.

The next challenge was to travel through Arthur's Pass without losing too much time to brown signs. We did stop a few times to keep Mim happy but a few of her ideas turned out to be duds (she'll deny this though). The Pass was pretty good, free of ice / snow issues and only a couple of slow vehicles to pass.

We checked in, had some Thai and if we weren't full already, we had dessert at another joint.

Julie says...
The statements to sum up the day;
1. Mikey's singing should be outlawed.
2. No Mim, not every brown sign is worth stopping for.
3. Really? A sock museum? Are kiwi's really that bored? and
4. NZ shall no longer be known as 'The Land of the Long White Cloud', and shall henceforth be known as 'The Land of the Giant Green Hedge'.

Mim says...
There's nothing wrong with being addicted to brown signs.

Mikey says...
Long day of passengering today. Made the drive easier for everyone by singing and telling cracker jokes. Mim and I were excited about visiting the sock museum at Hokitika even though Cookie and Julie were ... less than enthusiastic. However Cookie unknowingly parked right across from it! Woo hoo! So we went and had pizza and then went to the sock museum only to find out it was closed. Mim and I were understandably devastated, now I will never know the secret history to the sock.

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