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Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 5 - NZ

Cookie says...
Breaky was the fourth meal at Baileys and the place was getting a little tiring.

We made for Queenstown and saw our bus guide from yesterday plying his trade. The drive was another drive full of great scenery and fortunately there were no ice issues.

We didn't drive directly to QT as we headed to Wanaka via Cromwell. We stopped in at the Bungee jump bridge on the way and then invaded Puzzling World in the way into Wanaka.

Lunch was a must and after that we checked out the illusions section which was interesting. We had a bit of fun with the maze which introduced the third dimension. The A-A's would have like this place.

After driving over the Crown Range, we dropped into Arrowtown where we checked out the main street, Chinese Settlement and Mim managed to find the old Gaol. Back on the road, past Coronet Peak and the Shotover Jetboating spot and then into QT.

Our accom wasn't too far our of town so we walked in for dinner at Winnies. There was a bit of a wait but it was worth it. Mim wasn't feeling the best so we headed home.

Julie says...
Puzzling World is very cool. I'm just reinforcing that, so that Bec and Luke know the awesomeness they missed out on.

It was a little chilly in Arrowtown but the thermometer refused to go below zero (I had a bet with Mim about the temp). For years now Cookie has raved on about this place called Winnies, and homages to it exist all over our house. I never really knew what all the fuss was about.... now, I can - some of the best pizza ever.

Mim says...
I was the only one that completed the maze properly - found all four corners and then found the way out. I was paranoid about slipping on ice as we were checking out the rebuilt Chinese settlement at Arrowtown so of course I did slip over but thankfully didn't hurt myself.

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