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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day 1 - ENG

This is a perfect example of how you loose a day to travel... well, commuting really and as a passenger, there's nothing I can do to make it any better or go quicker.

Sarah left this morning via Japan and I left early evening going a different route. I'm on an Emirates flight via two quick stops in Singapore and Dubai.

Growing up in Brisbane meant the biggest gun I had seen on a police officer was their sidearm. At Singapore airport police or army walk around with MP5's, something I had only seen in computer games. It was a fairly quiet and orderly experience.

Dubai was quite the opposite. The airport is huge and surrounded by construction. Gotta love oil! We landed, herded into a bus and then transported about 10 mins to a terminal. Here five flight loads of passengers converged in the one space. Many different languages could be heard and while initially I thought a 90 minute stopover would be enough time to make my connecting flight, I realised it might not. We were packed in like tinned sardines and waiting to see or hear when our flights were available.

Someone held up Heathrow and I worked my way through the crowd. From then I followed a procession through a few check points until I finally made it to the plane. I think I'd walked for about half an hour and the plane doors were closed a few minutes after we made it. I hope my luggage did!

London, here I come.

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